Pachaviva Health Store

 Hampton street 

Earthly Provisions

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Pachaviva Health Store...

Is a small independently owned health food and lifestyle store located on Hampton Street in Hampton

"What does Pachaviva mean" you ask... general translation = "Living Earth" 

A nod to our wonderful planet that provides all that we need for abundant survival


We strive to provide our customers with wholesome foods and trustworthy brands with organic and sustainable practices.

We have thousands of products to cater to many dietary requirements, as well as a full range of herbal medicines, vitamins and supplements. Our knowledgeable staff are here to help... 



We read the labels for you!


Here at Pachaviva we are dedicated to finding the right health advice for you in an ever evolving world of information


Our highly trained staff will help you find the best options...

We believe food should be unprocessed and made with quality ingredients... 

We strive to stock the best, healthiest and most ethical brands  

We search carefully, read labels, and continue to keep up with current recommendations 


It is because we care, that we offer you some of the greatest nourishing foods, organic produce, natural skin care,

eco friendly laundry products & quality supplements available!

We choose; organic, bio-dynamic, sustainable, fair trade, local products (and some special imports), wholefoods and natural products

for you and your home - that minimise environmental impacts 


Our store service staff include a diverse mix of friendly people who are passionate about the health industry, including students, mothers, health coach trained, nutritionists and naturopaths!


**Free general advice**

Tuesday 10am - 2pm

come chat with naturopath Gabby Nelson


Our store also has a range of practitioner services available in serene private consultation rooms upstairs

(appointments by booking)

Homeopathy with Andrew

0412 930 782

Tuesday afternoons

Reiki with

Jacqui Ray

 0433 281 441

(by appointment)

Reiki with Carly

 0431 200 610


Naturopathy with Sallie or Jodie

(by appointment)

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446 Hampton Street, HAMPTON


Monday – Friday: 9.00am - 6.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Sunday: 10.00am - 5.00pm


Tel: (03) 9598 6107